July 25, 2019

ENGAGED! Unexpected Proposal on Isle of Palms, SC

When I received Jonathan’s initial phone call about photographing his proposal to girlfriend, Morgan, on Isle of Palms, I knew this was going to be such a fun project. I love surprises.
Especially ones that involve marriage, family and the beach! Jonathan already had an amazing cover story – I would be hired to shoot a big family photoshoot during their summer vacation to Isle of Palms, SC. It would be especially important to hire me because coincidentally, both Jonathan and Morgan’s families were vacationing to Isle of Palms during the same week so they could basically get two family photo sessions for the price of one if they did them together! Morgan fell hook, line, and sinker for it. She had no idea that this plan was set up so Jonathan’s proposal could be photographed AND witnessed by the people who love them most.
During all of my extended family beach photo sessions, after I take photos of the big group together, I begin separating the group by immediate families and couples for some individual portraits. And since Jonathan hired me for the photoshoot, I chose him and Morgan to be my first couple to photograph individually. Jonathan was ready. I was ready. And the rest of the family was ready!!!! It was a proposal for the history books and one I will never forget.


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